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nomacs is a free image viewer for windows, linux, and mac systems, which is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3. nomacs is small, fast and able to handle the most common image formats including RAW images. Additionally it is possible to synchronize multiple viewers. A synchronization of viewers running on the same computer or via LAN is possible. It allows to compare images and spot the differences (e.g. schemes of architects to show the progress).

Please use the Report Bug menu entry to report a bug or request a feature. We will appreciate your feedback!

I have been looking at all the image viewers I could find for Fedora 18 and Nomacs was easily the nicest!

Fixes for 2.0

July 30, 2014 : 18:45

first of all we want to thank those users who provided feedback for the shiny new 2.0 version of nomacs. at the same time, the feedback kept us busy with fixing known issues. the 2.0.2 release fixes particularly these issues:

  • portable version always keeps settings (settings are not written to the registry anymore)
  • plugin download for nomacs portable
  • AppData is not written to home directory (sorry for that, you can delete this folder without any side effects)
  • layout fixes in recent folders/files
  • translation updates fixed
  • thumbnail saving fixed

- the nomacs team




July 22, 2014 : 13:52

although nomacs is not updated as frequently as chrome/firefox, we have managed to release our second version which ships with 5 handy plugins

new features include:

  • nomacs now supports plugins (windows only for now)
  • Recent Files/Folders on start-up
  • Threaded file loading/saving
  • UPnP support that allows for detecting nomacs in WLAN networks
  • Remote control via WLAN/LAN
  • Fading for fullscreen/slideshow
  • Option for syncing all actions
  • Auto file updating (without locks)
  • Full exif support on linux (fixes issue #192)
  • White list to automatically connect with your computers
  • Gamma correction on down sampling (fixes #322)
  • New (improved) cacher
  • Improvements in the Thumbnail Preview

– the nomacs team

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nomacs 2.0 beta

April 1, 2014 : 16:02

since we have changed a lot of code in the loading and saving routines, we decided to release a beta version prior to the first 2.0 release. if you find any bugs, please let us know. new features of this beta are:

  • Threaded file loading/saving
  • UPnP support that allows for detecting nomacs in WLAN networks
  • Option for syncing all actions
  • Auto file updating (without locks)
  • Full exif support on linux (fixes issue #192)
  • White list to automatically connect with your computers
  • Gamma correction on down sampling (fixes #322)
  • New (improved) cacher
  • Improvements in the Thumbnail Preview

you can download and test the beta here.

– the nomacs team


nomacs 1.6.4

February 20, 2014 : 11:56

so the news are always the same on this page – again we have updated nomacs.
this version contains a few new features:

  • Auto Adjustment/Auto Normalization/Invert Image functions added
  • Flip (Horizontally/Vertically) functions added
  • Recursive Folder Scan
  • Fast(er) RAW loading with embedded thumbnail extraction
  • save for web dialog – that allows for easy resizing and saving
  • the window position is remembered even if the window was snapped previously
  • a Run button is added to the new Open With dialog – hence it is similar to the old one

we hope you enjoy this version — even more — than the old nomacs versions

– the nomacs team

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Critical Bugfix

January 15, 2014 : 19:49

we have found a critical bug which – in some cases – prevents nomacs from starting correctly. If you experience this issue, we would recommend to update nomacs to version 1.6.3. The issue applies only to the Windows versions. Users of other OS can safely enjoy version 1.6.2. Sorry for any inconveniences caused.

For the Matlab users who do not enjoy the default image display behavior of Matlab: this script allows you to directly display images in nomacs.

– the nomacs team


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nomacs 1.6.2

December 20, 2013 : 16:10

the new nomacs is like the man in that video.
this is probably one of the last nomacs for Windows XP
the new version fixes issues mostly concerning the new thumbnail bar but also adds a new open with behavior and a random sort order.

– the nomacs team

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nomacs 1.6.0

October 15, 2013 : 15:51

thumb preview smallthumb preview large
sunny day in Vienna…
This is perfectly not related to the the release of nomacs 1.6.
New features are:

  • Grid View for Thumbnails
  • Image Mosaicing Tool
  • Gif Player (Pause Animated Images and View Frame by Frame)
  • WebP on all platforms
  • Customizable Mouse Wheel
  • French Translation

… and we fixed all bugs reported (except for 5 bugs).

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features, features, features

July 11, 2013 : 16:07

since there were (hardly any) no bugs in the last release we focused on new features and skipped again at least one bug fix release. the highly praised features include:

  • Multi Page TIFF support – with export & convert to multiple files option
  • Explorer Panel – for navigation
  • Crop Toolbar – additional options for cropping
  • Sort Images – by date modified/created
  • …and some small features requested by you

– the nomacs team


new release

June 12, 2013 : 18:24


we have improved and extended the pretty stable nomacs 1.0.2 version. If we are not as bug free as we claim to be, please send us reports. New features include:

  • Customizable Shortcuts
  • Folder Preview – Color Encoded Folder Scrollbar
  • New Image Formats – WebP, PSD, TGA, (JPEG2000 not WinXP)
  • Add New Image Formats
  • Support Additional Mouse Keys
  • Ignore Raw Images if JPG is Present
  • New Translations – Italian, Slovene, Czech, Serbian, Portuguese (thanks to all translators)

and of course we fixed all bugs that we were able to and seemed to be important.

– the nomacs team

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nomacs 1.0.2

April 5, 2013 : 11:30

about 40 years and 2 days after Martin Cooper (@MartyMobile) did the first mobile telephone call, the first bugfix-only nomacs is released. the bugfixes include:

  • Support for DNG format
  • Zoom/Pan is faster for Mac OS
  • EXIF data can be read for UTF-8 files (Windows only)
  • Open With starts custom executables again
  • Drag&Drop works directly after installing (no administrator privilegs)
  • dpi is now saved when changing it in the resize dialog
  • resize dialog does not crash for 40k x 30k images
  • translations updated & serbian translation added


for the automatic update routine will download the wrong version for Windows XP (this is already fixed in the 1.0.2 version – so it is the last time you need to manually install nomacs : )

– the nomacs team

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3 thoughts on “Home

  1. Re: Feature 377

    I am the one who posted this. I would have replied sooner but I have been without internet access. Marcus asked me how I knew that nomacs used 2×2 subsampling.

    That’s easy. I saved a JPEG in nomacs then opened it in IrfanView and looked under Image Info.

    It is really unfortunate that it is not straightforward to implement. I used to use FastStone Image Viewer for cropping, resizing and saving the final JPEGs.

    Your area resizing option is much better on my test patterns than the best of FS’s which is Lanczos 3. The Lanczos algorithm has ringing problems. So now I use nomacs for cropping and resizing and save the results as a PNG which I open is FS to save as a JPEG with no subsampling.

    I was hoping to be able to eliminate FS Viewer, but I guess that won’t be happening.

    Any how, thanks for a great program.

    Bob Curran

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