Image Viewing

  • supports the most common image formats including RAW (see table below)
  • fast thumbnail preview (Screenshot)
  • zoomable grid preview of thumbnails
  • display exif information (Screenshot)
  • framless view (Screenshot)
  • change transparency of windows (Screenshot)
  • display overview/histogram/file info (Screenshot)
  • file filtering/searching/sorting
  • improved anti-aliasing (cool for displaying highly textured images)
  • hide menubar and toolbar
  • slideshow
    • image information (e.g. date created)
    • play/pause with user defined time interval
    • adjustable background color

Image Editing

  • crop images (Screenshot)
  • resize images (Screenshot)
  • pseudo color function (Screenshot)
  • color adjustments (brightness/contrast/saturation …)
  • multi page TIFF export (Screenshot)
  • rotate images
  • drag and drop images
  • automatically save screenshots
  • delete/rename images
  • create mosaic image (Howto)
  • set wallpaper (windows only)

Viewer Synchronization

  • synchronize multiple instances (Screenshot) (Howto)
    • synchronized zooming
    • synchronized panning
    • synchronized next/previous file
    • overlay of two or more instances (with changing opacity)
    • arrange synchronized instances
  • synchronize multiple instances in the LAN (Howto)
    • synchronized zooming
    • synchronized panning
    • images can be sent over LAN connection
File Extension Read Write Comment
jpg x x
png x x
tif x x including Multi Page
bmp x x
ppm x x
xbm x x
xpm x x
jpeg2000 x x not on WinXP
webp x x
gif x
ico x no scales
pbm x
pgm x
nef x
crw x
cr2 x
arw x
mrw x
rw2 x
dng x
mpo x just main image is displayed
jps x
pns x
psd x
psb x
tga x

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